Intel and AMD’s New Mission: Making Laptop Faster and Smarter For Effective Computing

By Jay Shah | Features

Intel and AMD are racing against each other, and time, to bring out computers which are more fast and efficient. If recent developments at both these tech behemoths are anything to go by, the year 2011 could bring you cutting edge PC’s and laptops. But then who will deliver first?

While only time will answer this million dollar question, both companies are working in one direction at the moment- combining the CPU and the GPU. The fundamental reason behind this move is to make laptops more energy efficient, because a single chip will mean drastically reduced power consumption.

Moreover this type of a chip, which has the stability of the CPU and can also handle the specialized functions of the GPU, will make computers much more advanced. This in turn will save time spent on computing and make individuals and organizations more productive.


Both Intel and AMD have specific advantages in this game of one-upmanship. AMD has more expertise about the GPU side of things because it owns the ATI chip unit and so, hopes to emphasize on graphics as a pillar for its smarter computers.

This means that AMD will come up with machines which will utilize advanced 2D and 3D graphics as a core feature rather than as an add-on.

Intel, on the other hand, holds the cards as far as the best of manufacturing processes are concerned. After all it is the world’s largest chip-maker and with the Atom-chip it has displayed that it can integrate processing cores and graphics into one piece of silicon, quite effectively.

And let’s not forget that Intel has already moved on to the revolutionary 32 Nm technology, which allows chips to complete a diverse range of functions without compromising on processing speeds. AMD will use this technology only in 2011 and this perhaps gives Intel a head start.

One look at the roadmap for the end of 2010 and 2011 for both companies reveals that ‘single piece of silicon’ is a feature of all their projects. Moreover all upcoming technologies are laptop centric and this should give you, the user, a lot to cheer about.

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