Intel’s ExoPC Tablet: Close to Completion. [Quick Look at the Features and Specification]

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Intel has just displayed a tablet with an Atom processor and equipped with Wireless Display technology, at the IDF 2010. Though they did not reveal the name of the product, you can be sure that it is the ExoPC tablet, a much vaunted tablet you may have already heard of.

ExoPC tablet display has two versions- an old one and another which was pretty close to what will be rolled out for shipping. Of course, the near-production model is the one to concern yourself with! It has a super-glossy glass screen, which is not always the best for tablets because of bad viewing angles it can provide. However, Intel has promised that the final tablet will be devoid of any bad viewing angles.

ExoPC’s Features and Specifications

The device is also lighter than what the previous model and weighs exactly 144grams. Holding the ExoPC is also easier thanks to the rubber matte feel at the back.

The device is powered by the Intel Atom 450 processor, code named Pine Trail. This means that, the ExoPC will probably the last device with the 450 because future tablets (ones out in 2011) will have the Oak Trail as per Intel’s roadmap.

There are no major system changes from what has been already revealed so far. Specifications include: 2GB RAM and SanDisk SSD remain, while you can switch from Windows 7 to the custom UI quite easily. The ExoPC keyboard, though a standard Windows 7 setup, may still have Swype and further improvements before the product is actually launched. Intel is also seeking collaboration with the developer community for improving the ExoPC.

As far as the exciting Wireless Display technology is concerned, Intel has not given any assurances as to its inclusion in the ExoPC right at launch. There are some serious hardware and software modalities to be sorted out and so it is good guess that Wi-Di will be available later.

When can you see the ExoPC in the flesh? Well, mid-October is being targeted as the possible launch date for developer pre-orders and the ExoPC commercial launch will be following that date.

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