Knownhost Coupon Provides Discount on VPS Hosting Plan

By Sidharth | Features

Recently moved to VPS hosting (This VPS hosting was purchased from Knownhost) for providing a better browsing experience and so far the response of the VPS server has been striking enough with a good percentage of uptime.

It wouldn’t have been easier without the help of few people who helped during the process of migration, once again! And for those of you who are willing to go with VPS server I would advice you to research on dependable ‘Web hosting review’ websites. After research and recommendation I had to go with Knownhost VPS hosting.

Short Review of Knownhost

Though my review on Knownhost might not do justice as it has been just around a week since the transfer of blog to knownhost VPS. But I do see quality service and almost a near-to-100% up-time according to pingdom reports which makes the service promising enough.


I must admit that I’m sold to the knownhost support which is pretty amazing. Before getting into knownhost VPS hosting – I was precarious about the reliability as well as the handling issues that concerned me as I was completely new to VPS therefore I went with managed VPS hosting and added cpanel addon to the hosting package.


The overall cost for VPS hosting server was 40$ (VS2 plan) but thanks to coupon (hey, we have a discount coupon as well 😀 ) the overall price was cut down by 15% which is a lifetime hosting discount.

Knownhost Coupon

Luckily, this time I’ve used up a coupon code KH4LIFE that provided 50% discount off the first month and 15% discount for lifetime making the service affordable.

If this coupon expires then you can check the official page for new coupon codes that add discount to your knownhost vps plan (applicable for VS2, VS3, VS4 and VS5 plans). I hope this helps you to save some money to buy yourself a drink 😉 And if you are signing up to knownhost then you can use my referral link

Signup to Knownhost (My referral url) or if you don’t want to sign up under the referral link, feel free to sign up at, either way you have nothing to lose 🙂

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