Features of Toshiba’s three budget-friendly laptops: Satellite E45 and E55 Series

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New Toshiba Laptops on Windows 8 OS

Thinner laptops are the most expensive ones, we are told. Toshiba plans to change all that with its latest products that offers more than a few surprises. The company has announced three new ultrathin laptops that are not only “stylish” but also affordable.

These three new budget laptop models fall under the Satellite E series category. Let us see what every laptop brings to the table.

Toshiba E4e5 Series Laptop (Model E45t)

Toshiba E4e5 Series Laptop (Model E45t)

Laptop Details

Features of Satellite E Series Laptop Models:

Every laptop, whether in E45 series or E55, offers the following:

Specs Sheet

  • Windows 8 operating system
  • Touchscreen feature (non-touch also available)
  • Generous hard disk storage ranging from 500GB to 1TB
  • Durable aluminium casing with modern design
  • LED backlit keyboards
  • Toshiba HD TruBrite display technology
  • 32 GB solid-state drive cache option
  • Better battery life — laptop could last at least 7 hours and more
  • Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Speech recognition technology
  • 1366×768-pixel native screen resolutions
  • USB 3.0 slots among many other features

Here are the complete details of every Satellite E Series laptop:

  • Laptop #1: Toshiba Satellite E45t (14-inch laptop)

The new Satellite E45t is a 14-inch ultrabook equipped with Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell processors. Insider there is 500GB HDD with solid-state drive for faster performance. The Core i5 Haswell processor will eventually lead to a faster performance and huge improvement in battery life.

Rest of the features are same as mentioned above. Oh, and there’s a speech recognition (available in the form of Dragon Assistant app) that can do simple tasks like shut down the laptop, open applications, etc.

  • Laptop #2: Toshiba Satellite E55t (15.6-inch laptop)

Offering full terabyte storage, the Toshiba Satellite E55t laptop come with a generous 15.6 HD display screen. With a Core i5 processor, this machine offers everything you’d want from any budget laptops. RAM: 4GB.

Speech recognition technology is missing though.

  • Laptop #3: Toshiba Satellite E55Dt (15.6-inch laptop)

The new E55Dt has a quad-core AMD A6 (“Kabini”) processor, with 1TB HDD and specs similar to that of E55t. There are no huge differences here, expect that it costs hundred dollar less than E55t.

Both the 15.6-inch E55 series laptops include a built in 10-key numeric pad, which is great for productivity applications.

Note: All the above-listed laptops are equipped with touchscreens, but which one is the cheapest of them all? There is one laptop model (E55D) that runs Windows 8 OS but doesn’t have the touchscreen feature. That one is the cheap laptop at $579.


Availability and Pricing

All the Satellite E series laptops do not cost a bomb like the Toshiba KIRAbook (whose pricing starts from $1600). The premium ultrabook, the Satellite E45t, is priced at $817. It will be available through Toshiba’s website and Best Buy starting August 4th.

As E55t carries with it intel’s fourth-generation Core i-series processors, it is a bit more expensive laptop at $899. The E55Dt model, on the other hand, is priced appropriately at $679. These 15.6-inch laptops will be available in September 2013 at major retailers and e-tailers nationwide and direct from Toshiba at ToshibaDirect.com.


Bottom Line

Satellite E series aren’t your luxury laptops with a breathtaking screen resolution. Don’t even compare them with Apple’s MacBook lineup. These are your budget-friendly laptops with a surprisingly decent configuration that’s enough for any typical user.

Yes, most of the “midrange” laptops have 1600×900 or higher resolution, but 1366×768 on Toshiba E series is not that bad after all — especially considering the price point.

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