Lite Firefox Skin to customize Firefox theme easily

By Sidharth | Features

We already know there are tons of addons and extension for the Firefox browser. With tons of themes around for firefox I am sure it would make your browsing a little unfit, slower and this is the reason most of the people back out from using any firefox skins. Usually many of them prefer the default theme of firefox. But with this lite firefox addon Personas it will be easier for those non-skin user to make use of attractive themes which doesn’t slow your browsing process and makes browsing much more enjoyable.


Personas addon will add a background image to your firefox on the top and on the status bar. The theme doesn’t modify any buttons, tabs or firefox settings but will change the default theme component of firefox. You can also create your own customized lite skin and display them or share them publicly.

Download the addon directly from here and restart the firefox browser. Make sure you check out the gallery that includes varied skins ranging from music to fashion. You can also check out popular personas (skins) and change them from the tools option in firefox browser. Also you can easily switch back to the default theme or use popular skins once the addon is installed.

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