New Open Source Project Promises to Bring Mac OS X Apps on Linux

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Remember Wine? It’s not what you think — in fact, it’s a popular application that lets you run Windows software on Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, and Solaris. All that sounds great, but what if you want to run Mac OS X application on Linux? Is it possible? Not yet, but it will certainly be possible very soon, as a university student is relentlessly working on a new project that goes by the name Darling.

Running native Mac applications on any other platform is not possible yet, but the vision of Darling project is very clear: to bring compatible Mac apps on Linux. This is an open source project, and anyone can access the source code by visiting Darling’s Wiki page.

Running Mac OS X application on Linux

As noted by Phoronix, Darling works similar to Wine, but the only difference lies in the binaries. In Wine, we have Windows binaries, while Darling embraces OS X’s binaries. Darling has a set of libraries, Mac file extractor, and every other code required to run Mac apps on Linux.

Darling is still in its early stage, which means not a whole lot of applications will run. As of now, only console programs can be installed through this emulator. Let’s hope the project will evolve over time, as it will only help users to install third-party and heavy Mac applications and games on their machines.

Via Phoronix

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