New Facts about the Samsung Galaxy P1000 Tablet

By Jay Shah | Features

What’s more exciting than the latest snippets about upcoming gadgets? If that is something you think, you’ll be glad to know that more facts about the Samsung Galaxy P1000 tablet have just come to light. For starters, the tablet is probably going to be on show at the IFA in Berlin, which kicks off on September 3, 2010.

This is what a very high ranking Samsung official (who wishes not be named) from Korea has claimed. But a piece of news which may dampen your spirits a bit is the fact that the tablet will not have as powerful a processor as earlier reports suggested it may have.

In fact the 1GHz S5PC110 processor that it will supposedly have is the same that’s available on the Galaxy S, which is a Samsung smartphone. Rumors in circulation some time back had suggested that the tablet would have a 1.2 GHz A8 processor.

So the question you may have now is whether the Samsung Galaxy P1000 Tablet will actually have the Android 2.2 Froyo pre-loaded, or will even that turn out to be a false rumor. But you can relax because Samsung Firmwares has claimed that the Galaxy tablet indeed has an Android 2.2 build.

Another attractive feature of the Galaxy P1000 tablet, suggested earlier and now confirmed by the firmware leak, is the super AMOLED display, something that Samsung has publicly proclaimed to be better that iPhone 4’s Retina display. It should give you great contrast, sharpness and better viewing angles, than most tablets available now. Moreover, viewing the tablet outdoor, even in strong sunlight will be very easy.

Among other features, the latest Samsung’s P1000 firmware leak also guarantees the presence of the 3.2MP rear-camera along with a front camera, which allows for video communication via the tablet. The interesting Swype keyboard should also make typing more exciting.

So, the only question is will the tablet come preloaded with the Touch Wiz UI? If the rest of the specs are so goods, the UI should and probably must be better. Probably we will get to know more about that in the next installment of news on this product!

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