Nintendo 3DS Price And Launch Date in US and Europe

By Sidharth | Features

Nintendo has unveiled the exact 3DS device cost and the launch date in the US. This portable game console — capable of delivering 3D effects —  is said to roll out in the US on March 27, 2011; available at the price of $249.99.

The flurry of excitement and expectations are generated by the users mainly because of the visual 3D effects which can be experienced on the 3DS device without the need of glasses or headgear (Auto stereoscopy). The device will also feature the backward compatibility with the Nintendo DS series software.

Around 30 game titles were confirmed during the launch of the 3DS — albeit some of the games are still in the development stage.


Although the details of the Nintendo 3DS has been released in the US, there is still a mystery surrounding the exact price in the Europe, which should be clear enough during its launch on the March 25th. Anything around the £200-£230 mark will be a hit with the consumers.

Also, Sony should be releasing details on their upcoming PSP2 phone by this year. On that note, the rivalry between the 3DS and PSP2 is something to look forward to because both the dedicated handheld device are gaining popularity and with the right price-point, it is a battle worth watching.

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