Noisehush NX26 Headphone Review

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A good headphone can rock your ears while some of them can also drill a hole in your pocket. Good headphones are expensive. No, not really, at least not the new Noisehush HD headphone.

This brief review will walk you through the newest member of Noisehush headphone, model NX26, which is available at an affordable price.

Noisehush Headphone Review

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Review of Noisehush NX26 HD Headphone

Quick look at the Noisehush NX26 headphone and you’ll fall in love with it. For almost $80, this lightweight headphone delivers exceptional audio clarity.

The earpieces of Noisehush NX26 is contrived to strike the sound waves right into your ear canal while lessening the distortion around. Packed in a simple yet well-designed box, Noisehush NX26 HD headphone delivers good bass, has a comfortable cushion which covers your ears perfectly and is dominated by a solidly built, lightweight metal earpieces.

Noisehush NX26 headphone is not just acoustically tuned to deliver quality output but also has a simple yet elegant design. Surprisingly, the cable is mediocre and has only one button which is used to mute/unmute the audio.

When compared to headphones like Sennheiser, the loudness of Noisehush NX26 model is not up to the mark. The audio clarity, however, is first-class and worth the money. Also, if you are a DJ, or if your professional work is in the audio domain, this headphone may not be for you.

Noisehush NX26 supports 3.5mm jack, so you can always plug it in your iPod, PC and hi-fi systems to enjoy music. As we approach the end of this year, this headphone can be yours for a cheaper price in online stores.

Overall, Noisehush NX26 stereo headphone is a worthy contender in the headphone market. If your primary goal to buy a headphone is to listen to music, this is a perfect headphone for you. For professional work, look elsewhere.

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