Nokia’s Cheapest Mobile Phones: Nokia 100 and Nokia 101

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Latest mobiles phone have built-in phone tracking technologies, spying apps, and they are usually expensive. Also note that when it comes to taking pictures, high end smartphones are probably much better than your digital cameras. Nokia’s phones are different.

Nokia has pitched two new phones as the company’s cheapest, slimmest, reliable handsets with dual-sim and single-sim options.

Part of Nokia’s secret winning sauce is its ability to deliver phones at an affordable price. And once again Nokia has come up with two new budget-friendly phones, the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101.

Nokia’s Cheapest Phones Ever?

With a grid-based system of icons, both Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 are not only inexpensive but also quite stylish for the price you pay — which puts most of the smartphones to shame.

The Nokia 101 phone is yet another dual-sim handset pumped with an FM radio and has support for memory card up to 16GB, allowing you to store and listen to hundreds of songs.

Nokia 101 has up to 32 days standby time, and up to 8.5 hours talk time. There’s a built-in flashlight, too.

On the other hand, the Nokia 100 is the toned down version of Nokia 100. Talking about the features of Nokia 100, there isn’t a huge difference when compared to Nokia 101. However, because Nokia 100 is cheaper than the other models, and so it supports single-sim network.

Oh, one more thing: there’s no camera on both of these economical phones. But these phones are easy-to-use, slim and has a superb battery life.

And another fun-fact when I looked up for information about Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 sprouts from Wikipedia. Apparently, Wikipedia lists Nokia 100 came out in 1985 while Nokia 101 was outed in 1992. Strange. Maybe someone’s playing with the “edit” button in Wikipedia? Is that you, Nokia?

Price of Nokia 100 and Nokia 101

Dubbed as Nokia’s cheapest dual-sim phones, the Nokia 101 will hit the shelves before the end of September for 25 Euros (around $35). And the Nokia 100 handset is priced at 20 Euros ($28), which will be launched in the fourth quarter this year.

Both the devices will be available in selected countries including India.

One may call these Nokia phones as a giant leap back to the 2000’s, but these are the phones majority of the budget conscious people would love to carry around with them. These are the cheapest phones that actually work. These phones sell.

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