Official: Sony PSP2 Phone Announced [Features And Specification Details]

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When the leaked pictures of the PSP2 first stormed the web, the reaction was very positive. Although at some point the genuineness of the device was brought to question, the PSP2 phone was finally put forward this year with confirmation from Sony.

Sony today announced its next generation portable smart phone and gaming device, the PSP2. Codenamed NGP, Sony PSP2 was officially announced and will be debuting at the end of the year 2011.

Features And Specifications of Sony PSP2 Phone

The super oval design of the PSP2 has a stunning 5 inch OLED display screen and the much-needed dual analog sticks. Powered by Quad-Core Cortex-A9 processor, the PSP2 touch screen smart phone has been demoed to play high-end graphical games flawlessly.

From the press release, the new PSP2 is said to offer revolutionary gaming experience combined with the benefits of socializing with people. Not only can you play games with your friends over the Wi-Fi network, but, thanks to the 3G connectivity, you can enjoy talking, video-calling, and surfing high-speed internet from anywhere in the world.

Although Sony didn’t reveal if the interface will be completely revamped, but the polished UI looks great with the touch-screen option. New games are said to come out on “new media,” which is disappointing because existing PSP users cannot use UMD’s on the PSP2. And it is unclear on what sort of flash memory will be used with the PSP2 device.

Another new feature is called “Near,” which allows you to find out the PSP users who are playing games in the vicinity. You can virtually add people, play games and share game information. The press release also said that PSP2 will sport two cameras, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and motion sensors.

The PSP2 phone — with the genuinely cutting-edge experience — definitely has the looks, and the device is going to raise the bars for a couple of months to come. Let’s just hope there is no chicanery from Sony with unreasonably high price, or short battery life.

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