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There are two ways to access any dictionary: one is the difficult way and the other is the easiest. Using web to find meanings of newer words is probably the easiest way.

While not exactly difficult, but time-consuming, one can use pocket dictionary to search for definitions whenever the need arises — although, if you have constant access to the Internet, these printed dictionaries can be absolutely useless.

Today, most of the famous print dictionaries have gone online, including Oxford English Dictionary. Even Collins and Cambridge have launched their version of free dictionary online.

One can also use Google’s define operator to find meanings of a new phrase.

Use Clean Dictionary – Fastest Definition Lookup Site

Yet another tool that may be new to most of you is Clean Dictionary. Unlike most of the dictionaries available online, this one offers real-time definitions in an incredibly simple way.

Fastest Dictionary

Synonyms and antonyms are piped in through Princeton University’s WordNet and dictionary definitions are extracted from Wikitionary. You just have to type in the word to get the list of similar words and their definitions. Clean Dictionary is just like Google but can be used only to search definitions.

With responsive design, real-time and distraction-free result page, finding definitions is a breeze with this site. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

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