Give a Refreshing Look to Google Reader With Reeder Extension

By Sidharth | Features

Searching for a better version of Google Reader? Your search ends with Reeder, which is a RSS app available in the Mac App Store.

Reeder is a paid app, unfortunately. And there’s no support for Windows. Now, you don’t want to pay to use Reeder, right? We have a solution to help you get Reeder on your browser for free.

As a feed management tool that helps you browse your favorite RSS feeds, Reeder app manifests elegant design, numerous shortcuts and a healthy dose of features which has influenced @DazChong to come up with an extension similar to Reeder, but free, for Chrome browser.

As a user of Google Reader, all you have to do is to launch Google Chrome browser and download the extension from this link. Then visit the Google Reader homepage and you’ll be welcomed with a refreshing, Reeder-like interface.

Rss Reader

Similar to Reeder app, this extension showcases compact window that’s less intimidating, with toolbars that expand, and text that is gracefully legible and easier to read.

For now, Reeder For Chrome can be downloaded by visiting this site and clicking on download. As a side note, the developer may soon change the name of this extension to avoid the naming confusion.

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