Simple iOS App Resizing Concept That Apple Should Implement

By Sidharth | Apple

What do you see when you unlock your iPhone? The same old colorful icons that are now rapidly becoming dull. Sure, beneath these icons we have a lot of customization options (take Settings app for example), but Apple can certainly give its users something more.

Probably Apple can take the iOS’s interface to the next level by converting the iOS icons into Android-like widgets or Windows-like tiles.

The video below explains why this whole “resizing” app or icon makes sense. One can easily turn ON / OFF Bluetooth or WiFi without having to take the long route of navigating to Settings apps, then probably check new emails without tapping into the Mail app, set the alarm right from the homescreen, and so on.

Although we were introduced to Notification Center on iOS 5, there’s still an unwavering need for widgets on our iOS devices, don’t you think so? Both Windows and Android mobile OS have this kind of functionality.

Despite 200 plus new features, Apple didn’t think about resizing (maybe they did but dropped the idea later) apps and icons on iOS 6.

Over to you: what do you think of this resizing concept? Do you think there’s a need for widgets or tiles on iOS? Let us know through your comments below!

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