The Galaxy Player 50: World’s First Android MP3 Player [Features and Price Details]

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Samsung has launched what they claim to be the “World’s first Android MP3 Player. The device named Samsung Galaxy 50 has looks resembling that of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone. Of course there’s no way to make phone calls, but the focal point of this Android MP3 player is to offer enjoy music on-the-go, play videos and do much more than what the rest of the MP3 player offers–all this at an affordable price.

Because of what the Galaxy 50 has to offer, it has already been claimed as an iPod touch competitor — and is available for pre-order at a reasonable price in some of the leading online stores like Amazon (UK only).

Features of Samsung Galaxy 50 Android Player

The Galaxy 50 MP3 player is available only in white color — and currently comes in two variants: 8GB and 16GB model. Added to that is the additional micro-SD card slot to boost the storage up to 32GB.


The player, sporting a 2-megapixel camera, runs on the Android 2.1 OS. It also has vast array of apps available, thanks to the Android market place access. Other than that, this 3.2″ TFT device has support for WiFi and GPS as well.

Some of the notable inbuilt apps are: YouTube video player, BBC iPlayer and an e-book reader. Galaxy 50 also has games and a FM radio app. Check out this video:

Price of Samsung Galaxy 50 Android Player

  • Galaxy 50 8GB model is listed at £149.99, or about $234
  • Galaxy 50 16GB model is listed at £179.99, or about $280

It is an interesting affair to see how this Android player battle out against the odds. Can this Android player knock the steam out of iPod touch? You never know, but what’s impressive is that the device has certainly managed to tack on some nifty features. So, kudos to Samsung on that one!

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