The King of Open Source Operating Systems: Ubuntu Rocks!

By Sidharth | Features

We have grown up with Linux over the years and seen the best of operating systems come and go. The best of Microsoft’s and Apple’s have given us in-depth entertainment options to choose from and it has certainly been able to live up to their name.

But what about Open Source Operating Systems? Who reigns supreme? Without a doubt, we give it to Ubuntu.

Why Ubuntu Rocks?

Ubuntu has over the years been able to provide us with some of the best features that can put paid OS’s to shame. With HQ imagery and digital advancements made, we rank it as the number one Open Source OS in the market today.

The latest stable release from Ubuntu(download the Ubuntu 10.10 from the official site) Linux has a plethora of features that allows users to tweak with their systems and squeeze the performance out of them. It has the best of applications, distros and more that cannot compared to current available OS’s.


For those that do not know, Ubuntu is a complete operating system that works up to the standards of Windows 7 and MacOsX and is completely free. It is developed by the unified efforts of thousands of coders around the world that all come together and create a fully fledged operating system capable of offering services on par with iTunes, uTorrent, Windows Media Player and more.

The development of Ubuntu has increased drastically in 2010, so much so that big names in the industry such as Mozilla and Google have already started working on applications for them. Currently, FireFox, Google Chrome and GTalk are the top apps that are available from the Ubuntu Software Center. Additional apps include the likes of Flash, Acrobat and more.

It is not only the apps that have contributed to the success of Ubuntu as there are host of features, each of which outperform each other. In all honesty, we cannot explain the features of Ubuntu in a blog post. If you want to see what it is truly capable of, download and install it. It’s free and it sizes up to just under 700MB.

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