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Microsoft DirectX acts as the multimedia system foundation for the Windows Operating System. In simple words this DirectX is a Windows technology that helps to gain high performance graphics and sound while you play games or watch video on your PC. With the help of Microsoft DirectX the computer programs are able to give the best multimedia experience ever possible.

The latest version of DirectX offers updated graphics that help to render faster frame rates add supports massive multiplayer games. It also acts as a great boon in terms of audio while it runs and displays programs rich in multimedia offering full color graphics, video, 3D animation games, and surround sound. DirectX also includes security and updates in performance besides many other features wide across the technologies, which can be easily accessed by multimedia applications using the DirectX APIs.

More About Latest Directx

directx_logo_iconThe Directx updated version occupies lesser space as compared to the earlier versions. DirectX as said above is a development tool kit created by Microsoft that is a boon to the gaming programmers to develop games that give higher performance. There have been many versions of DirectX that have come into existence which have brought new techniques with high end performance. With the Windows Vista has arrived the new DirectX 10. All the new updates bring about true gaming realism. So far the most popular versions are Directx 9, Directx 10 and Directx 11..

Directx For Windows

DirectX is considered as one of the most exciting developments in Windows Vista in terms of graphics technology. It is found that newest windows games that have come in take full advantage of this next generation graphics technology found in DirectX especially in Windows Vista. Directx 10 helps to provide an incredibly wonderful experience for the game lovers of all nature and it also help the game developers to increase the level of realism with enhanced details and making it more complex applying effects like lightening and so on.

Windows Vista though it is compatible with games and hardware of all older versions of DirectX, still it is able to take advantage of the new technology involved in DirectX 10 specially designed for Windows Vista. When you add a DirectX 10 card to Windows Vista it gives a great experience as though your game is turbocharged. Though the older version of DirectX gives a world class performance still the new generation of graphics in gaming has been optimized with DirectX 10.

The core of DirectX are the application programming interfaces or the API that acts as abridge between the hardware and the software to interact with each other. The DirectX APIs gives multimedia applications have access to the advanced features of the high performance hardware in terms of three dimensional graphics, accelerated chips and high performance sound cards. They have control over the lower level functions such as the two dimensional graphic accelerations, giving support to the various input devices like the joystick, the keyboards and the mouse and also have control over the mixing of sound effects and specifically takes control of the sound output in the new generation of gaming world. So that sums up the information about Directx, make sure you have latest directx installed on your windows system so that you can play 3d games and some of the highly compressed games without hassle!

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