Contest Update: Participate to Win Paid Apps for Free

By Sidharth | Giveaway


I hope you all are doing fantastic. As you probably know, Blogote has been pretty active lately, with new posts and contests (check sidebar).

This blog has completed four years on the web sometime ago, and it has been a tremendous journey thus far. For those who are interested, I have become a full-time blogger starting this month.

Of course, this blog wouldn’t have been a success without you. As a token of appreciation, I wanted to give something back to you. And so I decided to giveaway paid apps for free — while it certainly isn’t much, but this is at least a start, don’t you think?

License keys from established and upcoming software companies accumulated in my inbox over the years. Blame me for not reviewing those products here, as I was busy with my college chores. However, now that I am a full-time blogger, I took some time out to contact these companies again, asking for a fresh license keys of their best products.

Ashampoo, TechSmith, iolo, Tuneup, and many more companies were more than happy to provide the license keys of their products to Blogote readers. If I get this right, I have more than $50,000 worth of apps sitting in my inbox right now.

Let’s Not Hurry

I don’t want to supply this blog with only contests though. I will take it slow from here, which means I will probably giveaway one or two apps every week? Comment here or email me your suggestions.

We appreciate every one who took their time out to participate in our contests. The response has been fabulous.

The following contests are ending today, and this is your last chance to participate:

Fabulous Response?

Snagit for Windows has received a tremendous response with 250+ entries, but we are giving away only one license key. On the other hand, there were less than 10 entries for PhoneTrans Pro. But here’s the interesting part: we are giving away 15 license keys of PhoneTrans Pro. 10 entries. 15 license keys. Funny! *Awkward silence*

What went wrong?

Other contests to take part in:


Your comments are important. Your suggestions, feedbacks are crucial. Your emails are more than welcomed. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Expect more things to happen in the coming weeks here at Blogote.


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