Adding Images To Gmail Messages Gets Easier With Drag and Drop Feature

By Sidharth | Google

While I do use Gmail as my primary email address, I’ve to admit that I haven’t thought of embedding images into the body while composing messages on Gmail.

Maybe this was because of the Attach a file feature which made adding images to email very much easier. However, for the benefit of all, Gmail blog has an update on the drag and drop images feature that is available for all the Gmail account.


As said in the Gmail blog, now you can drag any image from your computer and drop it into gmail while composing message.

The image can be effortlessly dragged and placed anywhere right into the body of the text email, and is also resizable. Its working on Google chrome browser and support for other browser is soon to be available.

Although not much to talk about, but this nifty little feature of drag drop images is definitely going to make emails much more colorful now 🙂

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