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By Sidharth | Google

Google has made it easier for businesses to create their own business page on Google Plus. Pepsi has a business page. Angry Birds has one. There’s one for Blogote, too (circle us?).

Business Page From Google Plus

Google failed to provide its user with business pages when they unlocked the doors of its social networking (Google Plus) site a couple of months ago. Now that it is possible for anyone to create a company page, everything seems to be falling into one place.

Why to Get Your Free Business Page With Google Plus

A Google Plus business page can benefit your company in many ways. You can add valuable news, update the latest happenings of your organization, share interesting links, help your customer out, expand your reach in social media, and build a worthwhile relationship with everyone.

Google has made it easier to build your business page online. You don’t have to code or design the page. Simply fill in your information, which should not take you more than five minutes, and your business page will be available to everyone.

Similar to Facebook pages, Google Plus doesn’t bring heavy customization on the table. You get a single page, which is more than enough for some, to strengthen your company’s name on the web.

Five Steps to Create Google Plus Business Page

Step 1: After you’ve made sure that you are logged in to your Google account, point your browser to this URL:

Step 2: You’ll have to choose your organizational type. There are five broad categories to help you decide where your business fit in.

Step 3: Add the basic information of your company, set the age limit, and agree to the terms and conditions imposed by Google. Click Create.

Step 4: Add details to your business page. You can add a catchy tagline, upload a logo, and link to the company’s website.

Step 5: Your business page on Google has been created. You can spread the word to your Google Plus followers, or skip this step and click on Finish.

Google Plus has been able to attract over 40 million users in a short period of time, and the numbers are expanding as we speak. Having your own Google Plus business page not only gives you freedom to raise your voice as a public figure or an organization but also add visibility factor to your company, as Google plans to incorporate business pages into its search results.

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