Access Starbucks via BlackBerry With Starbucks Card Mobile App [Free Download]

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

If your day does not go by without swigs of exquisitely brewed Starbucks beverages, well, here is some really good news for you. The Starbucks Card Mobile App is now available for download on BlackBerry devices!

This app has been available to iPhone and iPod Touch owners (iTunes link) since the second half of 2009 and so, it was high time that the BlackBerry had it. The app allows you to replenish your Starbucks payment card, monitor card rewards and also pay for your coffee at select stores across USA.

Now you can access over 1000 Target stores as well as various Starbucks outlets in Seattle and the Silicon Valley region, if you have a BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Curve or Tour.


The in-built store locator in the app will tell you the location of the nearest store which accepts mobile payments and also other stores where Starbucks products are sold. So the app can be used for more than just mobile payment!

A lot of effort has been put into making this app optimized for BlackBerry and the easy option of thrusting the iPhone app on the BlackBerry has not been taken. This is something that needs to be appreciated at a time when tech quick-fixes are in vogue.

Perhaps this explains the time-lag between the apps release for Apple devices and BlackBerry. The uniqueness of this app strikes you even more, if you have seen/used the same app on iPhone or iPod Touch. Rich graphics and video navigation has been sacrificed for simpler navigation via the menu key. This results in an intuitive experience for Blackberry users, something that’s true to the device itself.

Download Starbucks Card Mobile App For Blackberry

You can download the app from the Starbucks mobile website by pointing the browser to this url or send ‘GO’ to 70845 as a text message.

This app should be noted down as one more milestone for mobile payment systems, something that should develop exponentially in the years to come. Starbucks has revealed that with this app, the company has provided access to the mobile payments to two-thirds of its customer base. So, maybe an Android app is all that’s needed for Starbucks now!

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