Easily Track Earthquake News Online

By Sidharth | Features

You can use the power of social media to keep track of the recent earthquakes happening on our planet.

Talk about earthquake and it brings massive fear and emotion out of us. It’s predictable that we express our worry for the people, for our dearest ones during an earthquake.

All this news on earthquake can be easily tracked through Twitter. You can use Twitter search, like this, to track recent news on earthquake or any topic you like. Over 280 twitter updates were posted in just a few minutes — at the time of writing this article, there have been earthquakes in Indonesia and parts of South India, unfortunately.

Online news about earthquake

You can also view real-time photos uploaded on Twitter through Twitpic. Here is the search string to get the recently uploaded earthquake images. While some of these pics may be irrelevant, but it is easier to go through these images for knowing the level of havoc caused through natural calamities like earthquake.

Internet has always been a key source of information to track earthquake updates. A quick search in the Google News reveals recent earthquake news and tonnes of unwavering information every minute.

You can also take a look at the United States Geological Survey’s website (map) to get real-time updates about the dozens of earthquakes — minor and large — that occur every day.

It is now easier to explore the world’s seismic hotspots in real-time through Google Earth. Download this file (source) and use Google Earth to open the file. This 3D map will give you a better idea about the daily geological changes and earthquakes happening in this world.

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