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Haven’t we all pondered upon the workings of things that are part of our daily life at some point or the other? When we see a celebrity on the television bragging about developing the perfect abs or putting together an exquisite dish, we enviously wish we could do that as well!

I have put together a list of 5 of my favorite how-to websites that provide information on just about anything under the sun to soothe your insatiable curiosities and I’m sure will answer any question you may want to ask. Some are particularly useful in certain areas like I’ve mentioned against them but not that informative on other topics which is why they are ranked lower than others. Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite website..

My Best How to Websites

Ehow.com – One of the most popular website – Ehow covers everything from how to play pranks on friends to how to manage a business! They have great illustrations and videos for many topics and step by step instructions for making models.


I haven’t been disappointed by this website till date and their top 10 ehows section is extremely intriguing and a fun read for those interested in gaining information on random topics! The website is extremely well categorized and the articles are well written.

Howtodothings.com – Another website with large variety of how-to articles and they do have some very interesting articles on everyday simple things like how to cut your own hair and how to make your computer faster.

Their information on topics like finance and technology is extensive and the health and fitness articles are interesting. Drawbacks of this website: not too much information for people interested in the travel, career and cooking categories.

wikihow.com – Similar to Wikipedia, this website covers various topics but the authenticity cannot be guaranteed and the information cannot be fully trusted because again (exceptions), the information on this website can be edited by anyone. They have an interesting philosophy and religion section and great hobby ideas and a lot more with a neat design.


Wonderhowto.com – This website gives most information through videos. It has a very youtube feel to it and definitely among the few best video how-to websites on the internet. The best feature about this website is the dance category which is very interesting as there are videos of dance lessons for several dance forms including club dances and partner work.

Howcast.com – One of my recent favorites, howcast, definitely deserves a mention for its videos that has excellent step by step instructions on personality development, technology, food, gaming, travel, teens or anything you could think of. For those who don’t love reading text should check out howcast videos which are produced in a simple, plain way with exhaustive sources.

For all those of you who practically live by this saying, I hope reading this will help put a lot of your questions at rest! If you’re still not satisfied, there’s always Google!

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