New on Facebook: Find out if Your Facebook Friend Read Your Message

By Sidharth | How-to

So you have sent a message to your friend on Facebook, and now you are waiting for his/her reply. You wait for a couple of minutes, or even hours sometimes only to get no response from their side. What can you do now? Call them up? Probably wait for some more time?

Here’s what you can do. After you have sent the message, go back to Facebook and check your message box once again. This time, if your friend has read the message, a new “seen” note will appear at the end of the message.

Here’s an example of a message that was sent at 4:55 PM and seen at 5:19 PM:

Facebook Friend Reading Private Message

Seen is the time when your friend read the message from his/her Facebook account — not from your Facebook account, of course. Also, note that the “seen” note appears only when your friend doesn’t reply but reads the message you have sent.

This month Facebook revamped the messages interface making it easier to read and search older messages, and this new feature was tossed along the way. There are also Facebook apps out there, promising to help you know when the last sent message was read by your friend, but you’d better off without using such apps for privacy reasons.

“Seen” will not be visible after every message that was sent to your friend, as this would clutter the whole friendly interface. Only the last message sent, and read by your friend, will have the seen note.

Nonetheless, this is a really useful feature to know if your friend is really busy at work, or he/she is just plainly ignoring you. Whatever it is, do not rack your brain trying to figure out why he/she never responded to your message.

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