Fix Image Quality Loss in Windows Live Writer?

By Sidharth | How-to

Windows Live writer is without a doubt the most used desktop blogging application. However, not everyone are accustomed to live writer because of those certain defects. The loss in image quality is one among the several drawbacks that needs to be dealt with.

A regular user of live writer would have known the uses of live writer which are not to be ignored. The image editing features are exceptional. No doubt. But, have you noticed that whenever you change the dimension of the image, the image loses it’s quality.. i.e, a normal image turns more into an blurry image quality.

For instance, here are two images that I’ve uploaded in this post. The first image is unaltered – I’ve captured it in such a way (regarding dimensions) that it fits in this content area. I haven’t re-sized the image. And the quality of image remains as that of the original.


The second image.. which is an replica of the first one seems to be blurred. Because I’ve resized the image, even though if I bring back it to the original dimension – the image quality won’t be retained. So, here is the image quality loss as you can see…


So how to fix the image loss issue?

By now you must have figured out the solution..YES, to upload images that fits in your blog content area. If you try to change the dimension of the images, then those blurry images are bound to be seen. In all seriousness, this fix is not at all the solution.. but with no other ways around, perhaps this is the only acceptable method you’ve to follow to avoid image quality loss on live writer!

Anyone from the live writers team reading this? 😛

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