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In this article we will dig into the ways to find out how and when to use cell phone tracking methods. We will also understand how the process of cell phone tracking works. If you are looking to find your lost cell phone, check out this article titled track cell phones to recover your lost or stolen smartphone.

In today’s world it is important to keep track of your daily gadgets and other important items. Like we know mobile phones are precious little handy communication device which we need in our routine tasks almost each and every day, and we need to keep track of your cell phone.

As cell phones are available with extra features that depends on the price tag – It is convenient if you use a tracking system such as cell phone tracker‘ in case you do not want to lose your cell phone! Or, in other words, if you want to retrieve the phone you lost.

How Cell Phone Tracking Works

Mobile cell phone tracking helps to track the current position of a cell phone even if the person is traveling anywhere. To locate or track such a phone it should emit at least the roaming signal to help contact the nearby tower which has the antenna.

It is however not necessary that should be an active call. GSM localization is easily done by multilateral which will be based on the strength of the signal given to a nearby antenna mast.

Mobile positioning which is nothing but the location based service which helps to disclose the actual coordinates of a mobile phone bearer, is a technology that is used by telecommunication companies to approximately find out where a mobile phone is and hence also locate the user of the mobile phone as to where he resides.

Cell Phone Tracking Softwares

The phone tracking technology used in this type of service is mainly based on the measuring level powers and the different antenna patterns. It makes use of the concept that a mobile phone always communicates wirelessly with any one of the closest base stations. If you are able to find out which base station the phone is communicating with, you will very easily track mobile phone as you know the phone is somewhere near to the respective base station.

Free Advanced systems are able to even more accurately determine the sector in which the mobile phone is present and are able to roughly estimate even the distance to the base station. You can even further approximate by interpolating the signals that travel between two adjacent antenna towers.

You will be able to achieve qualified services to a precision of down to 50 meters in the urban areas where you can see that the mobile traffic and mainly the density of the antenna towers is quite high. On the contrary you will be able to determine less precisely in rural and desolate areas where the base stations are miles apart.

When there is a call, in order to route it to a phone the cell towers look for a signal that is sent from the phone and it then decides on which tower is best able to communicate with the phone. When the phone keeps changing its location as of while traveling the antenna keeps monitoring the signals and as the phone is roamed the signal is picked up by the adjacent tower as appropriate.

Can we really trace cell phones?

One of the important question to ask yourself: do such mobile tracking services work?

It is easy to roughly estimate the location of the phone call by comparing the relative signals and their strength from the various antenna towers through which the call was passing through. The other way to determine would be to analyze the antenna pattern which supports the angular determination and the phase discrimination.

Whereas the latest phones make the cell tracing even more easy by just turning on even if it is not an active call. This happens with the help of the roaming procedures that is done when the phone is handed over from one base station to another.

However, a quick search on Google reveals site that maps the location but they are, usually, available for countries like US, UK or India. Those are reverse cell phone tracking.

Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Apple iPhone and Android users, check out these articles:

You can use Google’s Latitude to keep track of your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone7 in case your smartphone is stolen! Google Latitude is one of the widely used method to track cell phones.

Some of the cell phones (basic handsets and other Chinese models), the latest ones, even have a inbuilt cell phone tracker system and other softwares which alerts about your phone if stolen or lost… For instance, Apple’s free tracking service finds iPhone’s location and it’s possible to remotely locate your device, delete data, or send an email or an alert. Even Microsoft has a free tracking service called Find My Phone where you can track, ring, lock, and erase Windows Phone 7 remotely.

You can always spy cell phones with gadgets like spy watches and other spying equipments, but they are not an option to consider unless you are ready to spend a lot of money and you want to spy more than just cell phones.

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