How Google Uses Energy

By Sidharth | Google

What really is under the hood of one of the widely used Search Engine on the Internet? Ever wondered how much energy does an average Google search consumes?

Whenever a search is initiated, nearly 0.3 watt-hours of electricity is used, which is roughly equal to a 60 watt light bulb switched on for 20 seconds.

Google delivers billions of search queries every day, has over 200 million smartphone users, and houses millions of businesses in the cloud. To support this and much more of its upcoming services, Google generates 260 million watts of energy, which is equivalent to the power used in 350,000 homes.

Google’s Data Center:

Google Search Energy

Most of the energy is used to power up the data centers spread across the globe. These data centers are custom build by Google. For example, Google now houses a new data center in Finland which uses a seawater cooling system to reduce the electricity cost.

This is a 273 million dollar data center located in Finland. The data center hosts 900,000 to one million servers — which is about 3 percent of the world’s server.

Google Data Center in Finland

Google tries to run their offices and data centers on renewable energy, but when unavailable, they go with carbon offset to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide emission.

Google Using Renewable Energy:

As mentioned in the video, Google buys clean energy through a Power Purchase Agreement that delivers energy and power from sources like wind farms.

Google also finances projects dealing specifically with renewable energy, as this will benefit not only their own products but also help improve at least a part of the world.

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