How to Customize the Places Menu in Ubuntu

By Karthik P | How-to

I often use the Places menu in Ubuntu to quickly navigate to various locations on my computer and the local network. The Places menu contains links to different locations such as the home Folder, music, documents, desktop, computer and more. In addition to these default locations, I’ve always wanted to add some of my own folders in the Places menu so I could access them quickly.

And after long hours of Googling, I figured out that customizing the Places menu is not that difficult after all. To make the job easy for you, I have posted 2 of the best and most convenient ways for customizing the Places menu.

The GUI way

The Nautilus file manager lets you easily add folders to the Places menu. It is as easy as drag & drop. Just follow the steps given below to add custom folders to your Places menu.

1. Navigate to the location that contains the folder you want to add. In this example I have used the folder named “Photos”.

My Photos

In the left pane, you will notice the same folders that are available in the Places menu. If the side pane is not visible, just press F9 on your keyboard to activate it.

2. Now to add any folder to the Places menu, just drag the folder and drop it into the side pane.

Drag & Drop folders

3. If you want to remove any folder, right-click on the folder name and select Remove.

Remove Item - Places Menu

Ubuntu Places Menu

Navigate to your Places menu to see the new folder you added. Now, wasn’t that easy?

The Command-line way

For those people who don’t prefer the using the GUI way can always use the classic command-line method. Following are the steps to customize the Places menu using the command-line.

1. Fire up the terminal by navigating to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.

2. Now, enter the following commands :

cd ~

gksudo gedit .gtk-bookmarks

You will be asked to enter the administrative password. Enter the password and click on OK.

Administrative Password Window

3. The gedit text window opens displaying the locations in the Places menu.

Edit Places Menu

4. To add any folder, just copy the exact location of the folder into the file and save it. You can also delete any folder you don’t want to appear in the Places menu.

If you are experiencing any problems in the customization process, do let us know.

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