How to Partition Vista 64 Bit Hard Drive

By Sidharth | How-to

windows_vistaThere are two ways to go about partitioning a hard drive under Vista 64 bit. The first method is using the tools provided by Microsoft itself. However, before doing anything, it is advised that you take a complete backup of your hard drives (all of them, just in case!) and start your “experiment”.

First, click the Vista “Start” button. Now right click on the “Computer” button – select “Manage” from the menu that pops out. The Computer Management window will appear. Click on “Storage” to the left, and then click “Disk Management”.

This screen will show all the partitions that currently exist on your computer. To make a new partition, you need to “Shrink” the sizes of the current partitions. To do that, right click on any existing partition (preferably not a system partition) and click on “Shrink Volume”. When you want to shrink, just type in the amount of space you wish to spare for this volume in MB – so convert the GB’s you want into MB’s (for 1GB type 1024 etc.) and click “Shrink”.

Vista will now finish making the partition. When it is done, right click on the volume and choose “New Simple Volume”. After that, you just need to follow the same procedures for a new partition – i.e. format and give it a name etc. Done!

The other way to partition is using third-party tools such as the EASEUS Partition Master whose free edition can partition 32 bit computers. However, for the advanced 64 bit computer architectures, you need to buy this amazing tool to help you with partitioning.


The Partition Master software also allows for the partitioning of 64-bit servers, as well as helping you move, resize and delete partitions with guided help and commands so that you always know what is happening around your computer. It also features undo buttons in some, but not all, cases so that you can go back one step if you figure that you have done something wrong.

This tool also supports complete backing up of data, when possible. This means that you can partition your drives without worrying too much about potential data loss if any.

Many of the best computer software developers are tied with Partition Master for their partitioning, and it is a very trustworthy brand. Best of all, the home edition is completely free – no frills attached, and totally safe from spyware!

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