Facebook Profile Viewing App/Event: ‘How to See Who Viewed Your Profile’

By Sidharth | How-to

While a large part of Facebook is dominated by real people, there is a small pool of spammers out there tricking the larger part of Facebook. These spammers are spreading deceitful messages through apps and events. One of the newly popular app that comes from the elite spam group is the “How to See Who Viewed Your Profile” application.

Taking the form of an app and an event, How to See Who viewed your profile is, I admit, a very intriguing name. Anyone would fall for this just by looking at the name — who doesn’t love to find out who is spying on our profile? The bitter fact is, this app does nothing but hijack our profile, and sends out a mass invite to the rest of our friends.

Spread the word: do not access the app/event which reads “How to See Who viewed your profile.”


Remove the app and ignore the event!

How to See Who Viewed Your Profile is infecting Facebook at an alarming rate. All one can do is to ignore events and apps that are sent along their way. Although we know that apps like this does nothing but harm to our profile, our brain tickles us to try out the app just to witness the after-consequences, right? Refrain from taking such actions, especially when you have your personal information (and photos!) stored with your Facebook profile.

I don’t use Facebook apps often, only a few which are trustworthy. So it is recommended that you visit your apps settings and remove any third-party application that you haven’t used so far — it is easy to pick the spammy ones.

Gone are the days when Facebook was all about making friends; Facebook is now all about protecting your profile from your friends.

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