How to Transfer Music Videos To PSP 3004 Device

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PSPs are one of the best portable gaming device from Sony, out of which PSP 3004 has been the newest member of the PSP family along with the PSP Go. In this short tutorial I will explain you how to transfer clips and music videos to your PSP 3004 device.

First and foremost, PSP doesn’t play .avi video format. Only few formats are supported by PSP 3004, check out the PSP Supported formats and extensions article I wrote couple of months ago.

If you have a different format video then make use of Vuze. Vuze is a freeware client that helps you to convert videos into MP4 format.

Transferring Videos to PSP 3004

Switch on the PSP device if you haven’t. Grab a usb cable and attach one end to the PSP, the other to the USB slot in your CPU. Navigate to the USB connection from your PSP and it should be connected to your PC.

How do your transfer Music videos or Movies to PSP 3004? Firstly, make sure the memory card is plugged into your PSP. You will be adding videos into your memory card. So, bigger the memory card – more number of videos can be transferred and added onto the device.

Usually a 8GB PSP memory card would cost you around $50. Okay, for transferring the videos, open your removable disk (the psp memory card) by visiting My computer (Usually it’s I: drive). Open the drive and you will find different folders similar to this


Visit the VIDEO Folder, if you can’t find an video folder then create one in the root disk (in the I drive as shown). Double check the folder name, make sure it’s VIDEO Folder 🙂

Now copy your mp4 music videos or movies into the video folder. That’s it 😉

I would also prefer adding thumbnails next to the music video, you can find thumbnails by visiting Google images and using an exact search of 160×120 (width x height), save the thumbnail in the Video folder with the name you’ve given to the music video (check the image below) and safely unplug the usb.


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