Start a Virtual 3D Tour To Popular Places Through Google Maps

By Sidharth | Google

Get a free 3D photo tour through Google Maps now.

At some point of life, some of us may want to pack our bags and head to far-off places that we may have heard from our friends or through the web. Before touring a place, you must research.

Now, imagine discovering interesting sites and places in a 360 degree view right from your home? This can help you in several ways — you know what you want to see, what not to miss, and you will find interesting places that are around the site.

A few years ago touring the world virtually wouldn’t be possible, but now you can, all thanks to Google.

Start a 3D Photo Tour

Google Maps now brings an interactive 3D touring experience that lets you choose a tour from over 15000 popular destination. All this is of course free.

Online virtual tour

The way Google brings this photo tour is interesting. Google collects public images submitted by Panoramio and Picasa Web users and then similar images are grouped together.

If there are tonnes of overlapping public photos, Google uses advanced computer vision technique to create a 3D shape of each place. While you may not experience a complete 3D virtual tour sometimes, this is still an improvement.

If you are using Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, head over to the this 3D Photo Tour link. Every time you want to start a virtual tour, you have to enable Maps GPL on your browser — don’t worry, you have to click Enable MapsGL to access 3D destinations.

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