Create PDF Out of Your Gmail Message Using Print Option

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There are a couple of tutorials on the web explaining how to convert an important email message into PDF format. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Copy the Gmail message, paste it in Google Docs and export the file as PDF.
  2. Install PDF addons onto the browser, then save the whole Gmail message as PDF.
  3. Open the Gmail message and save it as HTML. Now convert HTML to PDF.

These solutions might do the trick for you, but you must know the final PDF will be a garbage, as the message will include other elements like header, Gmail logo, etc. Sure, you can clean out these elements and copy only the message, but there’s a better solution we know, and it’s the one we recommend everyone who wants to save email messages in PDF format.

Saving Gmail Messages in PDF Format:

In short, we will save email messages in PDF format using the “Print” option. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Gmail message you want to save as PDF. Note that some of the emails may have images, click on “Display images” if you want to have these images in the final PDF.

Step 2: Hit the Print button — this button is visible on the top of the “Reply” button. Alternately, as shown in the screenshot below, you can click the small button that’s next to the “Reply” button, which will brings a drop-down list. Select Print.

Printing Email in PDF Format

Step 3: A new Print window box appears.

Printing Gmail Message on Computer

Step 4: Select “PDF” from the window, then “Save PDF” to download the file on your computer.

Save Gmail Email as PDF

Only four steps, and there was no need to use any plugins, software — it’s dead easy, isn’t it?

Story: I stumbled across this tip when I first purchased an iMac. I remember I was asked to send a digital copy of an important email message. PDF, as you probably know, is a convenient file format, and it didn’t take long to discover this option. The new Gmail PDF file was neatly formatted, with pictures, and the recipient didn’t complain at all.

Did you find this tip helpful? Have you saved an important email message in PDF before? Any stories to share? Feel free to add your comments through the comment section below!

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