Find out if Google Websites & Products are Down

By Sidharth | Google

Google owns several dozens of products including Orkut, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Maps, etc. Recently Google’ Gmail was down for a couple of hour, and that certainly created a lot of buzz on the Internet because, you know, the emails we have in our inboxes are really important.

But why do Google’s websites go down? It’s not that Google’s server are slow (Google’s server are huge and uses renewable energy, if you didn’t know), but the problem is the bugs. For this reason, Google need to pull the whole site down if there are bugs with a product. Sometimes the script may not work properly, or if the product is in beta, Google will regularly test the product and during those events, the site may not be accessible.

For this reason there’s a new Google dashboard that alerts about the activity of the products. For example, if you want to know whether Gmail is down or it’s only you, check out this dashboard.


For finding out if some of the Google service including Google docs, Google videos, Gmail are facing downtime then check out the App status page which will display all the Google service status — the symbols indicate the current status of the product. Alternatively if you want to find out if any other website such as Demonoid or Yahoo is down then check out these services which will email you when the website is up and running!

Next time if you are not able to access Google products, do not blame your ISP or the faulty internet connection, but immediately check out the Google App status dashboard.

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