Track Your Friends Location With We’re In App For Windows Phone 7

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Want to keep track of your friends location? How about inviting your friends over to a party? Windows Phone 7 users, Bing has something just for you that might take the weight off your shoulders, and bring your friends more closer to you.

Bing announced a new collaborative app for Windows Phone 7 OS that goes by the name “We’re In.” Simply put, We’re In is Microsoft’s version of Google Latitude and Foursquare.

With the integration of Bing Maps, We’re In lets you invite your friends, map the locations of your friends, and create events to track what are your friends up to.

Track Your Friends Location With We’re In

When you create an event, you can invite your friends by SMS. The receiver — your friend, in this case — views the link in the SMS, and his location is instantly shared on the Bing map.

You can also share a status update and invite your other friends within the contact list. The only issue here is the invites are sent out by SMS, for which standard rates are applicable.

We’re In app is available in the Windows Marketplace and can be downloaded from here (link redirects to Zune Marketplace).

We’re In may not be a strikingly different, or the app-of-the-future thing, but it sure is useful. With We’re In, Microsoft is trying to fill the gap and move upwards in this smartphone battle, which are currently engulfed by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.

Alas! We’re In is for the U.S. crowd.

Because of the limitations put forth in a number of countries regarding the usage of users location data, the app is limited to the United States market. Hard luck, international users.

Even if you are able to download the app through the Zune Marketplace, you’ll not be able to track the location of your friends if you are not in the U.S. My only wish is that Bing rolls out the international version of this WP7 app before it’s too late.

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