Unable to Open Control Panel in Vista? Fix Control Panel in Windows

By Sidharth | How-to

Frequent PC users are dealt with common problems. Some of the problems in Windows platform can’t be fixed easily whereas some of them can be solved by mere re-installation of application or by adding the missing .ddl file.

However, when you are unable to open control panel in windows vista or windows xp then chances are some of the registry files have been messed up big time. This could be due to browsing filthy webpages on the internet or spyware that has been unexpectedly downloaded and installed on your computer via the web or portable devices.


Fix Control Panel Unable To Open Problem in Windows

In any of the case, there are certain ways to fix the control panel issue in vista, xp.

The first solution would be to uninstall new application that are unknown to you. When you are unable to open control panel you may be wondering how to uninstall new application?  Make use of freeware uninstaller like CC cleaner or go your “program files” (C:Program Files) and remove the folder, be careful while doing this and make sure you are removing unknown programs only.

Restart your computer and try to open control Panel. If this doesn’t work for you then try messing up with the registry files..

Of course, registry files are the most important segment of the OS. While searching for similar problems, I found out the registry file by Kelly. Download this kelly korner file (click here to save and if you are not able to save it then copy the content and paste it in a text file, name it with .reg extension) and double click on it which will automatically set values and allows you to open control panel in vista and xp system.

You can also try system restoring on your machine. But, always make sure you are having back up of the files in a DVD or portable device. Hope your issues  with control panel are solved now 🙂

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