Use Alt-Escape Button To Check Apps Running in the Background [Blackberry Tip]

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

The apps running in the background can drain your smartphone battery pretty quickly – this is a common issue with the blackberry as well.

With bucket load of factors on why the blackberry battery lasts only for couple of hours, I’d like to recommend — for the new bb users — to check apps that are running in the background of your Blackberry device so that you can eliminate the unused apps. You can do this by using the Alt-Escape Button.

The Alt-Escape Button (also referred as Alt-Tab button) was not that easy to locate, especially for a new blackberry user like me. Needless to say, checking background apps on blackberry bold, curve or any BB device for that matter, is really easy and a must-do for saving the battery life. Here’s the pic:


Thanks for the tip, Vishal.

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