Use Chrome Browser to Increase Laptop’s Battery Life

By Sidharth | Google

New Google Chrome BrowserHere’s what you can do: run maximum of one or two apps at a time, or connect your laptop 24/7 to a nearby power supply. These are two unconvincing yet sure-fire ways to make your laptop’s battery last longer than before. But Google has a better solution, and the company believes using Chrome browser will significantly save your laptop’s battery.

The new Chrome browser update rolled out earlier today brings changes within the core that promises to cut power consumption by a greater degree.

Google enabled GPU-accelerated video decoding to Chrome browser and watched a couple of videos on a Windows machine. After a series of tests, results were analysed, and the Chrome folks concluded “the battery lasted 25% longer when GPU-accelerated video decoding was enabled.”

Interestingly, when Chrome was launched 5 years ago, the browser was known to consume more battery power than any of the browsers out there. Today, Google Chrome is consistently improving and breaking new grounds in the browser market.

Along with battery improvements, Chrome 23 also includes a “do not track” option that gives users the ability to share or block information (location, cookies, etc.) from reaching website’s data centers. “But the effectiveness of such requests is dependent on how websites and services respond,” notes a Google software engineer.

Chrome 23 browser can be downloaded from here. For those who already have Chrome installed on their laptops, you don’t have to update the browser anymore — the new auto-updates will automatically download and install the new version, given your laptop is connected to the Internet.

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Chrome browser works on Windows XP, 7, Vista and the new Windows 8.

Are you using Chrome browser on your laptop? Does it consume any less battery than Firefox or Safari? Let us know your thoughts through the comment sections below!

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