Facebook Fact: Use Variation of Original Password to Access Your Facebook Account

By Sidharth | How-to

Enter your username and password, then hit the “Log in” button to access your Facebook account. That’s how we usually throw ourselves into the world of Facebook, but here’s an odd fact: the password you have is not the only password you can use to login into your Facebook account.

Every Facebook account has several passwords. To be precise, there are at least three passwords associated with each Facebook account — one is the original password and the other two are a variation of the original password. Let me explain.

Let’s just say I have a Facebook account (I do) with a password “winner” (I don’t). Then, even if I have caps lock enabled on my keyboard, I can type “WINNER” in uppercase to login into my account.

In short: Password we use to access Facebook is not case sensitive.

I was taken away by surprise when I first learned this today, but after digging out the web for more information, I bumped into a post from Emil on ZDNET. The article written last year explains how passwords are treated on Facebook. From the article:

Facebook actually accepts three forms of your password:

  1. Your original password.
  2. Your original password with the first letter capitalized. This is only for mobile devices, which sometimes capitalize the first character of a word.
  3. Your original password with the case reversed, for those with a caps lock key on.

So now you know there are three passwords to access your Facebook account. Note that Facebook is not generating new passwords but simply offering variation of your original password. You account will be safe as long as you don’t share your password or answer to your security questions with anyone else.

As majority of users on Facebook are on the younger end of the age spectrum who usually forget to turn OFF caps lock, this is a useful feature. For the rest who are very careful about their passwords and cannot find a way to use variation of your original password, you learned something new today.

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