Watch Very High Quality Videos on YouTube

By Sidharth | Google

After announcing Youtube Leanback, it is now the latest high quality videos that are making the buzz. Although 1080p videos have been around for some time now, the recent extension is 4k (4096 x 3072 pixels) videos that are available in high quality.

The resolution format are not available for all the videos, and the reason being — the camera’s don’t come cheap. However, Youtube sectioned them into a playlist that is linked below.

The highest quality videos were of 1080p resolution. And now, the 4096p videos is simply too much to guarantee a crisp flow of the video on your PC. The video grinds to a halt because of the resolution. Give it a try and you’ll know what I mean.


Watch the Highest Youtube Quality Videos

Youtube has a playlist of 4096p videos that can be browsed by clicking here. The videos will load in the 360p quality, so change the resolution to ‘original’ and you’re all set to view some of the highest quality videos available on the internet. Trust me, its a pleasure to watch, only if you have a powerful PC!

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