What is FlAC File and how to Open .FLAC Extension Files

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Learn more about Flac files, what they do, how to open and play them on your computer.

What are FLAC Files?

Just like many other audio extension such as M3U, MP3 or playlist files, .FLAC is one of its kind that preserves high quality audio from your MP3, WAV files — and one more advantage of making use of these .FLAC extension file is that you can compress it into standard format files to a greater extent (40% of the original size) which makes it really useful.

FLAC is Free Lossless Audio Codec and is an open source file format.

Once you have the flac file then audio files are stored in them which can be later converted from FLAC to MP3, FLAC to WAV, or even FLAC to ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec).

FLAC files try to minimize the sound losses which occurs in mp3, wav, ape files by using it’s lossless codec technique. Needless to say, this file format delivers the best audio quality output.

As one of our commentator points out:

  • FLAC is not one of the kind. SHN, TTA, APE, ALAC, TAK, Wavpack are just a few of lossless codecs available.
  • Mp3 is lossy audio compression codec. Converting mp3 to FLAC will only increase its size, sound quality will remain the same as it was in mp3.
  • Lossless codecs have no sound losses, that’s why they are called lossless. Wav is a PCM container, no losses. APE is lossless codec, no losses.
  • There are better lossless codecs out there in terms of compression. APE and TAK both compress to a smaller size than FLAC. FLAC is most popular codec.

How to Open .FLAC File Extension

Solution 1: FLAC files can be opened with the help of Windows Winamp player, but make sure you have the latest version of Winamp installed (Winamp 5.541 opens .flac file).

Solution 2: If you are not willing to upgrade your Winamp player for some reason then download this little plugin to play the files effortlessly on your computer.

Solution 3: Use MP3 players that support flac files. One of the lite MP3 Player called Foobar can help you open .flac format files on your Windows. For more players, check out this list of media players that can open flac files.

Solution 4: You can also play FLAC files on Mac by converting FLAC to other file formats. Read this article to find out how to convert FLAC to ALAC file.

So far, FlAC is the only format delivering lossless sound quality till today along with a good compression ratio! Many players have updates and supports the use of  Free Lossless Audio Codec, although it’s easy to convert FLAC into a different file format.

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