Huawei Launches Two Smartphones: Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4X (And Here’s What You Need To Know)

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Honor, the e-brand of Huawei, has launched two smartphones in India. The first is Honor 6 Plus, and it comes with a massive 5.5-inch IPS display screen. And the second is Honor 4X with the exact massive screen.

As you see these devices for the first time, they look like twins with strikingly similar configurations. In reality, the differences are wide apart. Honor 6 Plus is the premium device, while Honor 4X is your entry-level smartphone.

Huawei android phones side by side

Huawei has already shared with us the review unit of Honor 4X last week, but today marks the official announcement of both Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4X in India. And today is also the day Huawei has opened the registration gates for Honor 4X.

The other premium phone, Honor 6 Plus, will be available for purchase later in the month of April.

Bollywood celebrity at the launch event of Huawei Honor phones

When it comes to the cost, note that:

  • Honor 6 Plus is priced at Rs. 26,499
  • Honor 4X is priced at Rs. 10,499

This gap in pricing largely has to do with the hardware. One device, you know which one, has a powerful hardware with a new camera technology while the other is your reasonably budget-friendly smartphone.

Software-wise, both the 6 Plus and 4X are running on Android Kitkat with a special Huawei-made interface called Emotion UI 3.0.

Now, there is also another vital element infused in these devices that makes them valuable and probably even better than many old and new Android smartphones out there.

And that is the addition of 4G LTE.

Both Honor 4X and Honor 6 Plus supports 4G connection with up to 150mbps speed. These LTE devices, Huawei says, offers “unmatched values.”

It’s True: Honor 4X Is A Solid Smartphone

Honor 4X comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor with Adreno 306 GPU. And while it’s not possible to accurately predict the kind of effect this processor has on the device, you can be sure of its power to handle intensive graphics.

Why? Because HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, XOLO and many others have used the exact processor to muscle their products. And those products were a success.

But it’s not just the processor. The 2GB RAM adjusted in the 4X makes your life easier. No signs of lags or slowness so far.

Then there is 8GB internal memory that you can expand using a MicroSD card. And when we talk about camera, 13-megapixel goes to the back and 5MP to the front.

In short: Honor 4X is a worthy smartphone at Rs. 10,499.

Honor 6 Plus Is Even More Powerful

And, remember, more pricey as well. This 5.5-inch IPS device comes at this price for many reasons. It has a special chip that was developed and engineered by Huawei’s semiconductor company called HiSilicon.

And unlike Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon processor, which is now largely used on many smartphones we see today, HiSilicon has designed a high-end octa-core chip (octa as in 8, quad as in 4). In short, with Honor 6 Plus, you will get the overly powerful octa-core Hilision Kirin 925 processor.

But that is not what puts Honor 6 Plus on the top of the smartphone ladder. In fact, Huawei clearly believes there is something else that makes this device a success.

And it has to do with the camera.

Huawei proudly claims 6 Plus the “world’s first parallel dual camera phone” as there are two cameras at the back. They are next to each other.

Each of these 8MP rear-facing cameras offers aperture range of f/0.95 – f/16, which is usually found in expensive DSLR lenses. This dual-lens feature is unique, and it puts – according to the data supplied – iPhone 6’s camera to shame.

And then there’s the front-facing 5MP camera for capturing selfies (in fact, at the event that took place in Bangalore, Huawei decided to go with the “take a selfie with Honor” concept that… wasn’t exactly exciting).

Addition of 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage with the card slot option does seem to justify the cost of Honor 6 Plus.

But Don’t Forget The Battery

“How is the battery?” is possibly the most important question we ask when we see a shiny new phone. And Huawei’s Honor has generously added power into these devices.

Honor 4X comes with a 3000 mAH battery.

And Honor 6 Plus comes with a 3600 mAH battery.

These are very good numbers. And early test shows great battery life. In fact, when 100% charged, Honor 4X lasted for an entire day without any hiccups.

Honor Registration Starts Today

As Honor is an e-brand, all their smartphones are available online. To be more specific, Huawei has partnered with Flipkart to offer Honor 4X right away, while Honor 6X will be available in April.

To own Honor 4X, you have to follow “the process.” And the process demands you to register for the device between a fixed period of time. That’s the first step.

The second step is to purchase the device on another date and time.

Third step? Wait for Flipkart to deliver your device.

At the time of writing this article, registration is open for Honor 4X at Flipkart. You can click here to register. This registration will be open from March 24th to March 29th.

Once registered, you can get Honor 4X during the sale that is held at 2 PM on March 30th.

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