Convert Documents Using Open Office Writer

By Sidharth | Ideas

Needless to say, Open office is one of the best office software package that has useful set of applications that includes word processor, spreadsheet, writer, database, drawing etc.

The added advantage comes with the ability of using openoffice as an file converter to convert documents into other standard formats. Here is a tip for anyone who is looking for ways to actually convert files such as doc to docx or txt to doc, can actually make use of Openoffice free software.

As an reminder, if you’ve not downloaded Open office then go ahead and download it from the official website as it can help you to convert documents easily.


You might be aware of the fact that openoffice writer can read and open files with .doc, .rtf, .html and tonnes of other standard formats. So, for conversion of files: Open the doc using open office writer and edit, modify if needed, to convert it into other format just save the file (using the save as option in the file menu) and choose the format (No .PDF).

Although a pretty basic tip, but it might well be worth the share for those who are hunting for file converters softwares all across the web 🙂

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