How to Find MSN Passport Unique ID

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Many people have asked about Passport Unique ID of MSN and how to find it in your MSN live account? When you are using the tool MSN backup to save msn emoticons or any msn messenger avatars then the software asks you to enter your MSN password unique ID.For this reason here are some frequently asked questions and answers to clear any confusions and search for your ID from the MSN live account.

What is Passport Unique ID

You may ask what is the use of passport unique ID ? Actually this is provided for every MSN live Hotmail account which is used to store a cookie on your computer that helps to identify if you are the same person logging into your MSN messenger account.Every new msn account has an unique password ID, even if you delete your msn account and create a new one then the ID will be different from the previous one!

Find Passport Unique ID  


Login to your MSN Hotmail account and then visit this page where you will find your personal information, scroll down (Work location) and you will find “Unique ID” – A 16 digit unique number which is your “Password Unique ID” of MSN account!

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