New Digg is a Killer! Diggers hate it!

By Sidharth | Ideas

Yay! Well finally after many revisions and and ‘leaks’ on the upcoming digg, the digg preview is here! The new digg is out, and I’ve been playing around for a while with this new product.

Is it good? Let’s hear that from our diggers, though, right now I’d like to talk about the new features that are in digg.

Find Profiles to Follow

As in twitter, the users having the access to new digg can now ‘follow’ big brands and companies. As I don’t use feed reader, and been active on digg recently this is one good feature worth liking.

Most of the diggers are crazy about Kevin rose — and that gives him 43000+ followers in a couple of hours. Nice!


The next up was: connect with my friends options wherein you can use Google, Facebook and twitter to connect. Skipped this as I was excited to see digg front page. Meh!

And so the real talk is of the digg Homepage. The front page stories. First of all, the interface is pretty neat. I like the top navigation part that comes with ‘My news’, ‘Top news’ and the no. of people I’ve been following.


Discovering content, as mentioned in the previous update, gets easier now. The three column interface does prove to be useful and fits in top news, recently active friends.

Looking into the front page activities  I’ve to say it does get a bit confusing. I am unsure of how to look into my friends recent activity. I believe they have removed this part completely.

Say digg blends in key features of both twitter and Facebook. I actually loved the new digg. Maybe that’s because I am easily impressed with altered products. But there are diggers who have been with digg since its inception, and of course, they can answer it better.

Active diggers take on the new digg:

Drew Chinesefood: Its a little like twitter, I guess. You can ‘follow’ people. There are different sections like offbeat,technology, etc in which you can follow companies like or

And then there are some individuals there but not as much it seems like fans and friends are still transferred from old digg to new version. No word on if there’s going to be a front page for non members, like if popping is possible. But I don’t see why they would take that away would be pretty dumb many site browsers are not members. So I am pretty sure that will stay

Also not sure how getting to the front page works. No more icons or usernames next to articles – just sometimes you can see a quote from a friend commenting that shows up. I cant like or dislike it yet!

Brian Howard: So far I do not like the auto-submit feature, or the loss of the upcoming questions. Also I like the fact that it is faster and the buttons load faster.  But overall I am disappointed.

nmffffd9: I find the new Digg to be a bit confusing with A LOT of missing features. With the missing recommendation engine, and the lack of the story’s submitter clearly showing along with several other stuffs.

Alecb: It’s so clunky — They didn’t fix the categories, you can’t tell who submitted what or when a story was submitted. My first impression is they basically fixed none of the problems of old digg and implemented features that they didn’t need. An update 3 years too long with features 3 years too late.

[—]: I personally think it diverts from the digg we know and love, however, its more social. So I’m guessing that, that’s good. I like it — but it’s just too confusing.

Adeel: I think it’s cool, early to really have a view on it. can’t really make a call until you really test it out and with digg still in alpha you really can’t test it out completely.

Nikhil: Well, I did try new digg, but I used fb connect to log in — so it isn’t working’ 😀

Yudi: They copied reddit, and now the new digg sucks.

Ritup2: Hate it. Totally.

A big thanks for your contributions. Over to you — do you have access to the new digg? Hate it or love it? Eager to hear from you.

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