Stop Photoshop From Freezing the System [Performance Tip]

By Sidharth | Ideas

Photoshop is sure as hell one of a valuable, bulky software that can dominate your system. This large adobe piece can do wonders and has been one of the best image editing commercial product online. No doubt.

However, Photoshop is a huge cpu resource eater.. it feeds on the system memory and tries to exceed the boundary which in turn freezes the computer system. So how do you stop Photoshop from freezing the system?

Gladly, the performance option of Adobe can significantly help you to curb the memory usage. I am using Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended.. but the steps remain more likely the same if you’re using a different Photoshop version.


Open your Photoshop software and click on Edit –> Preference –> General or press Ctrl+K which will pop up an dialog box. From the left corner, navigate to Performance area which handles the Adobe Photoshop’s performance activities.

Deselect the option Enable OpenGL drawing and and change the amount of RAM you would allow PS. which is recommend if you’re multi tasking, or if you’ve insufficient RAM. You can also change the cache level to 2. Make necessary changes and click ok to exit. Now you should feel the difference and photoshop would be faster than before 😉

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