What is YUV file and How to open .YUV File Extension

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yuv_fileThere are two kinds of file systems having the .yuv file extension. First one is the YUV image file. The YUV is a modern image storage file which stores the brightness information in the Y component, and the color information in the U and V components. This kind of file system is better than the conventional RGB file formats.

YUV video files are basically based on motion YUV image files. They offer good compression and hence are popularly used in MP4 players and other devices.

How to Open .YUV File Extension

A very effective YUV image viewer and converter is the XnView Software  which is available for free here. This has extensive support for all the variations of the YUV image format and can also convert conventional RGB and other image file formats into the YUV convert. You can check out the other file formats supported at the website provided.

A very effective multi-tool is the YUV Tools developed by Sunray Image. This not only allows playback of YUV video files, but also allows you to convert YUV files to AVI files and vice-versa. You can also view, edit and convert the YUV image file system using this software. This software, unfortunately is not free!

Total Video converter is a great tool if you want to convert your open YUV files into mp4 and 3gp files to carry it around in your mobile phone, ipod or Sony PSPs. The main problem being that this software comes with a price tag.

So, if you are a techie and would like to tinker around with the YUV video file format, then a very nice tool is the YUV player Deluxe available at Yuvplayer.com and is available for free. It allows playback of raw YUV files and lets you change the frame rate, pixel rate as well the resolution.

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