CES 2012: Toshiba’s Excite X10, and the iPad

By Rahul Dowlath | New Product

CES 2012 has kicked-off, and already the gadgets are streaming in. Today, Toshiba announced what they claim is the world’s thinnest tablet – at 7.7mm thick. In contrast, the current tablet leader, the iPad 2, rounds in at 0.34″ thick (8,636mm). Now, we can argue all we want about these small numbers, but what does this really mean for the way forward regarding tablets?


I wrote recently that we can expect a new version of Gorilla Glass – the glass that’s used on most smartphones and tablets – at this year’s CES. This new glass is set to enable thinner device designs, and it could mean that the tablet wars of this year will be largely focused on the thickness of devices.

Now, while it may be thin, does this new gadget prove a lethal competitor to the iPad? I don’t think so. Whilst form factor is an important aspect, it’s the user experience that counts the most. And so far, Apple has the best of the lot.

Toshiba isn’t the biggest company in the tablet sector, and the Excite X10 seems to be their firm foray into this hotly contested arena. The device is expected to use the Honeycomb variant of Android.

The Excite X10 is perhaps their best tablet offering to date, and if anything, it gives us a shadow of an opinion on what we could expect when Apple replies later this quarter with the expected iPad 3.

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