New Microsoft Kinect Comes Cheap. Priced at $150

By Sidharth | Games

Microsoft has officially announced the news of $150 price tagged to Kinect motion controller, and hefty $300 price that bundles an Xbox 360 slim (minus the 250GB HD) with Kinect.

Kinect will be available for purchase in November for US $149.99, and the Xbox 360 Arcade + Kinect ($300) will be available in this holiday season.

Is Microsoft Kinect fairly priced?

While many beg to differ, but Kinect priced at $149.99 is cheaper unlike the Sony and Nintendo consoles, where you have to spend extra money for the controller. As 1up describes: Kinect Price is ‘appropriate‘.


Not to forget the free game (Kinect Adventures, worth $50) that comes with the Microsoft Kinect. So, $150 for a standalone motion controller is a acceptable price. And like I mentioned, no additional purchase of accessories is another plus point.

Microsoft Kinect will surely grab early attention, though its the experience of early adopters that contributes for the future of Kinect.


While Kinect still has a lot more to prove to win over the mass market in gaming industry, and being aware of the fact that novelty of motion controls hardly last longer, it would be interesting to see the outcome.

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