Cyberduck: Easy FTP for Mac!

By Rahul Dowlath | New Product

Apart from being a writer, I manage the online presence of my karate organization. One of the things that needs to always be done with this job, is to update the website frequently.

I use iWeb to do the design, but for some reason it doesn’t always connect to our hosting server, so that I can upload the latest version of the site.

Whilst doing a quick search over at Google, I discovered a great FTP client for Mac that also happens to be free. It’s called Cyberduck.

Cyberduck is a powerful little FTP app, and it’s quite simple to use. The only limitation I’ve found with it is that it doesn’t allow you to manage more than one account at a time, something that the more popular (and far more technically complex FileZilla does allow). I chose to use Cyberduck over FileZille simply because it’s far more easier to use, and its interface is more Mac-like than FileZilla.

Cyberduck is not only great for updating websites like my karate organization’s, but its awesome for bloggers managing blogging software like WordPress on self-hosted servers. I’ve managed to use it to install plugins and themes for  my personal blog, which happens to use WordPress.

cyberduck_picture cyberduck_ftp_client cyberduck_window

The interface is pretty straight-forward. The main screen shows you a list of files (much like an iTunes library). To go into a folder on your server, simply drop-down the arrow next to a folder icon.

But before you do all that, you’ll need to connect to your server! This can be done by going to Open Connection, the first icon on the left. From there, you can enter information about your server, including its FTP address, username and password. Once done, Cyberduck will begin listing files.

A cool feature of this application is that if an upload fails, it will alert you to it via Growl notification, and ask you whether you want to re-try the upload. You then have the option of overwiring the corrupt files on the server.

All in all, Cyberduck is a great application for people wanting to update their blog’s software from the back-end, or, like me, to update an entire website by exploring the files on the server.

You can download Cyberduck from this link.

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